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Preparing for Your Consultation

  • We recommend comfortable clothing you are comfortable moving in.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate Hydrate – download the BLT FIT ME app here:
  • Avoid wearing denim or metal to your appointment.
  • Complete your paperwork in the NEW PATIENT PORTAL
  • Review any forms from your doctor.
  • Sign consents.

Preparing for Your ConsultationPreparing for Your First Treatment Session: Emsella

  • You will remain fully clothed for your treatment. Please avoid wearing denim or other dense, bulky material
  • No metal – please note any metal worn to your treatment will need to be removed prior to starting treatment.
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Preparing for Your First Treatment Session: EmsculptNEO

  • The treatment area needs to be free of hair – please shave 24 hours prior to appointment time
  • Please avoid using lotions or perfumes on the treatment area the day of your treatment
  • Please avoid wearing any metal of any kind (including undergarments) – all metal will need to be removed prior to treatments

What to expect: Please arrive approximately 10 minutes early for your appointment. Your first treatment will include measurements and before photos. Disposable garments and wraps are provided for you. Measurements of the treatment area will be taken prior to each treatment, along with a hydration check. Shoes that are easily removed are recommended. Once we have you positioned for treatment you may feel a warming sensation (but never hot) and muscle contractions as the treatment progresses. The stimulation can be intense, but not painful. Your provider is in the room with you to ensure maximum comfort during your treatments. Most treatments are completed in 30 minutes and you are free to resume all normal activity immediately following.

Financing Options

We offer affordable solutions for everybody:

  • We offer CareCredit® Financing. Contact our office for plan options, or see if you prequalify here.
  • Wellness Wallet – this in-house option allows you to pre-pay into your account monthly. Think of it as a Wellness savings account! Contact our office for details
  • We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express

Insurance FAQ

  • While we do not bill insurance directly, we are able to provide a ‘super bill’ for reimbursement on allowable treatments. Please contact your insurance company directly with any questions regarding covered services and requirements.
  • Most Health Savings Accounts allow reimbursement for our treatments. Contact your HSA directly for approval details, then just let our office team know you need a reimbursement receipt.
  • Payment is required day of treatment. Please contact our team for questions.

Please contact our office for more information on your financing options. We will work with you to answer all your questions and determine the best solution. You can call us or text your questions to (208) 563-3595

Click Here, register and view the Aesthetics Marketplace to view packages. Upon checkout, select Klarna to view financing options 

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